Home care can help with elderly weight loss

We are a care establishment dedicated to providing clients with a host of essential services. One of the most important is domiciliary care. It allows us to look after you in the comfort of your own house. We want you to continue experiencing a happy life with independence. Our core belief is that everyone has a right to their identity and to be treated with dignity. This is what you’ll get with us.

With age comes new obstacles. Preserving a good mental and physical health balance is critical. When older people struggle to buy and prepare food, or keep a balanced, healthy diet, they can lose weight. Nutrition is an essential element of daily life. If an older person struggles with meals and eating, home care can help. Someone will be there to aid with the physical elements of food shopping and meal prep. At the same time, they can offer emotional support, something equally as important. Let’s look at how weight loss can impact elderly individuals.

Why is it so important?

Domiciliary careAs you age, it is necessary to take precautions to keep your body healthy. Maintaining a good diet always helps here. Without the right meals, weight loss can occur. It can decrease muscle mass and also leave the immune system vulnerable. This itself can lead to you contracting illnesses or falling more frequently. In addition, any existing health conditions can get worse.

Weight loss affects mental health as well. Higher frailty leads to restrictions and less independence. As a result, it can cause social isolation, loneliness, and decrease your quality of life.

How do the elderly experience weight loss?

As we said before, the body changes as we get older. Things like dental issues, a loss of smell and taste, and health conditions can make eating unappealing or uncomfortable. Some medications have side effects that stop you eating and getting the right nutrients.

In addition, there are psychological factors like anxiety, loneliness, and isolation. All three cause a decrease in appetite. Reduced mobility can prevent us from actually reaching food too.

How does domiciliary care help?

Home care can reduce the danger of elderly people experiencing weight loss. Carers can do food shopping and meal preparation while sticking to a personalised care plan. You will have easy access to nutritional meals that meet your dietary needs and preferences.

At Diamond Care and Support, we are committed to helping clients feel self-worth and self-respect. We do this in the ways in which we support and talk to you. This can be something simple like supporting with tasks and ensuring you have regular life experiences. With domiciliary care, we can help you whilst also keeping you comfortable.

So, please contact us if you need our help in any way. We can tailor the service to suit any needs, with flexibility in terms of the visiting times, frequency, what we do for you, and much more. We also adapt to any requirements, so you can rely on us if you need help attending social events, appointments, and more.