Is it too hot in here?

Summer is the favourite time of year for many, with long evenings, sunny days, and nature blooming. Regardless, the hotter temperatures can become uncomfortable. They will lead to dangers like dehydration and heat exhaustion. You may need to adapt the services you get from your personal assistant to ensure you have the right support.

As people become older, they undergo changes with their bodies. Examples include thinner skin, lower mobility, and less sweat production. All these changes influence how our bodies regulate and manage temperature. As a result, looking after elderly people in hotter months is critical to keeping them comfortable. You can lower the risks linked to the heat. Let’s discuss how a home carer can help here so you can see why it is important to arrange a service.


Personal assistantFirstly, a carer, PA, or support worker can help monitor hydration levels. When it’s hot, you need to stay hydrated. Hotter weather leads to the body sweating. Older people lose fluids more quickly. Drinking more water is necessary to replenish fluids. Not drinking enough can lead to dehydration. The result can be fatigue, dizziness, and heatstroke.

Water also plays a vital part in things like digestion, circulation, and transporting nutrients. With a little help from a carer or assistant, the elderly person can get the water and hydration they need.

Maintain a cool environment

Keeping the property cool is crucial for preserving comfort and safety when things get hot. A carer or PA can make use of all kinds of measures to help cool someone’s living space down. This can include turning on air conditioning and placing fans in strategic places. This will keep a continuous, cooling breeze flowing through the house. They will also be able to open windows at specific times of day too. Elderly people can often struggle to do these things themselves.

Keep an eye out

Finally, the assistant or carer can recognise the signs of overheating. Sometimes you can spot the signs of heat stress before someone notices them themselves. By spotting things like excessive sweating, confusion, and fatigue, carers can implement cooling actions swiftly. This will stop more serious problems from manifesting.

Do you need help from a personal assistant?

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So, if you need a first class personal assistant, please let us know. We can deliver the perfect services, supporting people across Sunderland and beyond.