What do over-65’s need to consider with plant-based diets?

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Domiciliary carePlant-based diets are still increasing in popularity. Many convincing reasons exist for switching to such a diet. Environmental and ethical reasons come to mind. However, more people are avoiding meat for health reasons. There is also evidence to suggest that these diets may support our immune systems. They may even lower the dangers of strokes and heart diseases according to some studies.

A well thought out plant-based diet could support healthy living for individuals of all ages. However, our nutritional requirements change as we get older. As such, those over 65 might have to be more careful when you decide on diets. You will need to ensure you get the specific minerals, vitamins, and nutrients you need.

What we want to do is discuss some points over-65s should consider if you want to adopt a plant-based diet.

Vitamin B12

Firstly, you have to get enough vitamin B12. It is integral for creating red blood cells. They will keep your energy high and your nervous system healthy. Older people require 1.5 micrograms of B12 each day.

Anyone not eating eggs, fish, or meat might not be getting a sufficient amount of B12. Plant-based sources for this vitamin include non-dairy milks, soya yoghurt, and breakfast cereals. Another option would be supplements.


You will also want to eat iron-rich foods. For people lacking a varied diet, low iron intake can be problematic. This is particularly true for elderly men and women. The mineral is critical for making red blood cells too. Additionally, you require it for thyroid metabolism, wound healing, and physical performance. Older adults require 8.7mg of iron each day.

Plant sources of iron include dried fruits, spinach, and whole grains. However, the mineral in these foods isn’t absorbed as effectively compared to animal protein irons. Thus, consuming vitamin C-rich foods can assist you in absorbing the iron better. Again it may be necessary to try supplements if you struggle to get enough iron.

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