Supporting Older People

Diamond Care and Support recognise that older people have led very varied lives in times that were very different to what they are today. Some will have led quite ordinary and/or sedentary lives whilst others’ lives will have been a little more harsh or colourful. Regardless of which, all these people will have their own memories and their own stories to tell.

While we predominantly provide support to enable people to continue to live in their own homes, when providing this support, our staff are always willing and able to listen.

Several of our older customers live on their own and although some have their families visiting and/or caring for them some of the time, they enjoy reliving their memories and talking to people outside of their family unit. For those who do not see their families often, our support staff may be the only visitors they have. This can often make a difference to their feeling of well-being even if it is just once or twice a week.

For those people who are supported full time by their families, Diamond Care and Support also offer a respite service within the home, a sitting service or just companionship calls.

In some instances, we can provide same day support in cases of emergencies and be short-term if necessary.