Home care suits elderly couples more

We supply a wide range of care services to suit the needs of different clients. One of them is domiciliary care. Its focus is on providing aid to you within the comfort of your own home. This will allow you to maintain your independence. Also, you will be able to continue living a happy, healthy life.

Due to the rise in dementia cases, more families have had to consider care homes for their elderly relatives. However, there are a series of disadvantages. This includes the threat of separation during a late stage in life and less personal independence. What we are going to do here is explain why home care would be better in this particular situation. It can be the best option for elderly couples.

Stay together

Domiciliary careFirstly, you can avoid separation. It is vital to state that there are specific instances where care homes can prove necessary. After all, it is not possible to supply home care around the clock. Those with the most complicated needs would otherwise find themselves not having the care support they need at specific times of day.

Regardless, when professional home care is a suitable alternative, it tends to be the preferable option. This is particularly true when it is elderly couples. It avoids the chance of separating people during a late stage in their lives. Something like this would cause immense emotional distress.

Less disruption

Another reason why home care comes out on top here is that it minimises disruption. One massive benefit of the service is the capacity for elderly couples to preserve their social links. They will be able to carry on enjoying active relationships with family and friends. This will enhance happiness and the overall quality of life. Moreover, it is advantageous for mental health reasons.


Lastly, there are financial reasons that can make home care the better choice for elderly couples. As opposed to support with a care home, the value of the couple’s home won’t be considered. This is when they will need to figure out how much they must contribute towards their costs. Home care can be a flexible, affordable option.

Speak to us to arrange domiciliary care

At Diamond Care and Support, our services promote inclusion, opportunity, independence, and dignity. They also work to retain relationships. While clients work with us, we want them to maintain a happy, healthy life. Whether issues are cognitive or age related, we can help.

So, get in touch today to start using our domiciliary care service. We can arrange it for almost any needs.