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Fire safety tips for the elderly

We’re a specialist care company committed to helping our clients in any way we can. Often, this involves us providing aid within the home. Our domiciliary care services are perfect here because they are flexible and reliable. They allow us to give you the necessary help while you remain in the comfort of your own property. A support worker can handle all kinds of things, including personal care, cleaning, meal prep, and more. Continue reading

Bespoke home care’s benefits

Personal assistantWe are a specialist care company made up of professionals who have been in the industry for decades. Thanks to the experience we hold, it is easier for us to find the ideal solutions for each client. This includes finding the perfect personal assistant for them. As a result, if you are struggling with your own care or caring for a family member, ours is a service you can count on. Continue reading

Understanding when to update a care plan

We are a specialist care company that attends to the needs of various individuals. These are people who have an array of physical, cognitive, and age-related issues. We also support the families. Using the decades of experience we have between us, we provide the ideal services to anyone who needs a personal assistant for their healthcare. We can tailor the ideal care plan and adapt it when necessary. Continue reading

Get in there early for dementia care

We’re here to provide a wide range of quality care services. Included here is domiciliary care. Its focus is to allow you to stay at home while we attend to your needs when you need us. This ensures your comfort and independence while simultaneously supporting your health and wellbeing. Our team members have more than three decades of experience. As a result, we can deliver great services for all kinds of situations. Continue reading

Winter meal planning and companionship are essential

Personal assistantThere are times when people need a bit of help around the home. When you do, we can be there ready to offer a personal assistant. Ours is a team of people who have decades of experience in the care industry. As a result, we understand exactly what it is that clients need from us. We can provide it and will happily adapt the service if you want to change anything. Continue reading

Tips to get the best domiciliary care service

The UK has an ageing population. Census data from 2021 shows there were 11 million people in the over 65 age bracket. This was an increase from 9.2 million a decade earlier. While that is good news because it means people are enjoying longer lives, it does cause some concerns about care. As a top domiciliary care provider, we want to have a closer look at the situation and why services like ours are the best solution. Continue reading

Exercising with limited mobility

One thing we find with many people who have limited mobility is that they still wish to be active. If your own issues are preventing you from moving as much as you want, don’t worry. There are a lot of exercise options out there, even for those confined to small spaces or chairs. You’re able to keep your body limber and your mind sharp. This will help you keep your spirits high, even when you are less mobile. Let’s talk about what you can do, then if you need a personal assistant to help, you can rely on us. Continue reading

Reducing anxiety

Diamond Care & Support is a business run by experts with decades of experience between them. We excel in supporting individuals with a myriad of requirements, including age, cognitive, and physical conditions. To maximise the support we offer, we work alongside the client and their family. It ensures we provide the perfect personal assistant as well as a reliable service. Continue reading