Tips for avoiding malnutrition with elderly people

Personal assistantMany seniors suffer from health issues. One possible issue is a loss of appetite. Sadly this can lead to malnutrition. Specific medicines, medical complaints, and poor mental health can also contribute to poor nutrition. It can even get to the point where medical intervention becomes necessary. While a doctor can help you understand reasons behind this, there are ways to help encourage elderly people to eat properly. Someone who can help with this is a personal assistant. They can ensure people have food to eat as well as encouraging them to stay healthy.

Keep eating interesting

It is fairly sad for people to eat alone, particularly for older individuals who might already be dealing with isolation. With a PA regularly checking up on them, this isn’t as bad. The carer can keep them happy and encourage them to eat. This might be by sitting with them, making sure they have music to listen to, or by using a unique arrangement for the table when it is time to eat.

Try herbs and spices

People who are already dealing with a reduced appetite can soon refuse meals when they taste bland. It is easy enough to change this though by using different herbs and spices when preparing meals. These can make things tastier and can be good for the body. Age is also no reason not to continue experimenting with food. A personal assistant can help with this.

Make sure meals are nutritious

It is easy enough to ensure meals are nutritious. Typically, this should include green veg, fruit, lean protein, whole grains, and low-fat dairy. Furthermore, serving sizes should be considered to help the individual keep a good weight. It might also be wise to try and encourage them to stop eating as much junk food and foods that are high in calories if they have problems with it.

Ensure adequate liquid intake

It is important for everyone to keep hydrated, especially seniors. However, drinking before eating a meal can mess with appetite. As such, it might be better to keep an eye to make sure they eat enough but also have plenty of liquids at the right time.

Choose a reliable personal assistant

If you or a loved one requires expert support with things like meal prep and other care, you don’t have to look any further for an elite PA. We provide tailored services to suit your requirements and give you confidence that expert care is being delivered. So, make the right choice and turn to Diamond PA today.