Tackling the troubles of sleep time

We are a business that provides an array of services for those who need extra aid. This includes the essential domiciliary care. With us, clients don’t have to worry about inclusion, dignity, opportunity, and independence. You won’t be losing any of them. We simply want you to have the happiest life possible.

Domiciliary careFor those with dementia, sleep disturbances are not uncommon. Dementia sufferers could keep waking up in the night. When they do, they can become disorientated. They could attempt to leave the house or simply get dressed. During the day, such actions can make the individual tired. In this state, they can start sleeping for longer periods. For the carer, this can make things difficult. The individual could have issues at night but not realise this fact.

Dementia can influence someone’s sleep patterns too. This is not the same as those normal sleep difficulties you get at later ages. It can lead to concerns with the sleep-wake cycle and mess up the body clock. A person’s wellbeing is going to suffer if their sleep keeps getting disturbed. There are some tips you can use though to help with this problem.


During the day, the patient should get sufficient daylight. In addition, they need enough to do.

Consider improving the sleep environment too if possible. Their room has to be a comfortable temperature with sufficient light. Think about getting some blackout blinds if it is too bright.

Avoid alcohol in the evening as well as drinks with caffeine.

You can also try having a clock next to their bed that shows when it is night and day.

Finally, consider some gentle exercise to help them sleep. Just don’t do this too close to bedtime.

Let us help with our domiciliary care

At Diamond Personal Assistants, we make sure clients remain happy within their own home. The carers in our employ have over 30 years of experience between them. They use this to great effect when providing services.

If you would like assistance with domiciliary care, please give our company a call. We set high standards and always prioritise quality.