Winter meal planning and companionship are essential

Personal assistantThere are times when people need a bit of help around the home. When you do, we can be there ready to offer a personal assistant. Ours is a team of people who have decades of experience in the care industry. As a result, we understand exactly what it is that clients need from us. We can provide it and will happily adapt the service if you want to change anything.

The winter can prove to be difficult for the elderly. Days become shorter and the temperature goes down. It is understandable if you have more concern about your family during the colder period. By getting them some help though, you can ease your concerns.

There are some specific things you or a carer or assistant can do in this period to help make it easier. What we want to talk about specifically is winter meal preparation as well as companionship and emotional support.


Decent nutrition is vital at every point in the year. Food preferences change with the seasons though. For your elderly relatives to get all the nutrients they need, you can have a carer or personal assistant work with them to plan and prepare meals. They will consider their dietary needs and preferences, and then produce enjoyable meal plans that include everything they need. This can also extend to shopping too.

Besides meal planning, carers can aid with preparing and cooking everything. Elderly people will have access to healthy, home-cooked meals. With helpers giving support in the kitchen, family members can rest easy knowing their relatives will be well-fed and safe too. They will be happy and healthy during the winter.

Emotional support and companionship during winter

In the colder months, feelings of loneliness and isolation are more common. It is advantageous to visit family more frequently. Come for some tea or to help with hobbies they like.

Carers can also give them the necessary support when you can’t. By offering a warm presence, they can help with feelings of loneliness. They can partake in meaningful conversation too. Regular home visits can give your family members something to look forward to. Also, they will be seeing someone friendly on a frequent basis. With the right support, they will have a fulfilling winter season.

Do you want a personal assistant this winter?

At Diamond Care and Support, we have experience helping people with all sorts of needs. Some have learning disabilities, others are elderly and struggle with mobility. Whatever the circumstances are, we will provide the right assistance at any time.

So, if you need to find a personal assistant in the North East for the winter, please get in touch. We can help you to choose the perfect person.