Diets designed to promote healthy brains

We provide many services for people who need support for health, mobility, or age reasons. One such service is domiciliary care. It enables individuals to stay in their home even when they need support. With it, there is no need for them to go into a care home. The service will promote independence and dignity with all who use it.

For people who need care, sticking to a good diet is essential. With a healthy diet, you are providing your brain and body with the nutrients necessary to operate at their best. You should think of it as ensuring you get everything you need to make yourself feel good in the long run. There are several diets out there that have been examined heavily and recommended for enhancing brain health. We are going to look at a couple of them here.

The Mediterranean diet

Domiciliary careThis is a diet that offers an easy way of embracing healthy fats and whole foods. In addition, it encourages people to restrict their full-fat dairy, red meat, and alcohol intake.

There was a study to examine the influence that eating unprocessed and processed meat had on dementia. This study was not able to conclude that eating these meats led to a higher risk. However, it did reveal that a diet full of legumes, vegetables, fruits, and fish is recommended. The study found that people who had a diet that included a lot of them did better at memory tests.

The DASH diet

This one concentrates on filling a person’s plate with foods rich in nutrients. These lower your blood pressure too. It emphasises eating large quantities of nuts, legumes, poultry, fish, low-fat dairy, grains, vegetables, and fruits. In addition, it recommends limited fats, only eating minor amounts of meat, reducing sodium, and eating fewer sweets. With a low sodium diet, there is a lower chance of you developing heart disease and getting a high blood pressure.

Domiciliary care can include meal prep and diet advice

At Diamond Personal Assistants, it is our belief that people should continue to be treated with respect, even when they need care. Therefore, our carers go out of their way to make people feel their self-respect and worth. They do this in the way they support them and how they communicate with everyone.

So, if you require our domiciliary care service or want to arrange it for a family member, make sure you give us a call. We can cater for any needs and offer the best flexibility. This ensures we can adapt if there is a change in what kind of help people require.