Excellent gift ideas for dementia sufferers

Our company exists to provide support to those in need. These services can take several forms. One service of ours that is very popular would be domiciliary care. Here, we supply the client with help without requiring them to leave their home. It is the perfect solution for anyone who does not like the idea of care homes.

The Christmas season is upon us once again. Like countless others you are probably preparing to do the shopping. Due to constant advertising, the children should be easy. However, elderly family members might be more difficult to shop for. This is particularly true if they are dementia sufferers. You don’t have to worry though. There are actually several great presents you can get for them.

A new watch

One possibility would be a talking watch. These watches tell you the time in addition to showing it. All it takes is one press of a button. This can prove advantageous to anyone struggling with their vision or finding it hard to read a clock face. Both of these are signs of advancing dementia. Several different watch designs exist. Some have a contemporary feel. Others possess more of a vintage look. It should not be hard to find something the person likes.

Electronic photo frame

Domiciliary careYou may also want to think about getting an electronic photo frame. Searching through your photo albums is one of the best things you can do together. Moreover, reminiscing could end up being an efficient form of dementia therapy.

However, your family member might have trouble with their dexterity. This can make page flipping quite hard. An electronic photo frame can be the ideal alternative to a normal album. It is even possible to scan images from older photo books. You can load the frame up with the person’s favourite photos beforehand so they won’t have to do it themselves.

Arranging domiciliary care services

At Diamond Personal Assistants, we use our care services to promote inclusion and opportunity. We also support independence and dignity. With our help, people can still live a life that is as fulfilling as possible.

If our domiciliary care services interest you and you would like to use them, give our team a call today. We can discuss everything with you.