Fire safety tips for the elderly

We’re a specialist care company committed to helping our clients in any way we can. Often, this involves us providing aid within the home. Our domiciliary care services are perfect here because they are flexible and reliable. They allow us to give you the necessary help while you remain in the comfort of your own property. A support worker can handle all kinds of things, including personal care, cleaning, meal prep, and more.

Domiciliary careOne group of people most in danger of being affected by house fires is the elderly. These individuals in particular must carefully follow fire safety practices. Also, they need to rehearse fire escape plans and have dependable alarms. Such precautions are more essential for anyone with cognitive, mobility, hearing, and vision problems. Without a plan of what to do or where to go, you will lose valuable time and the risk of injury therefore becomes much higher. To help, we are going to offer some fire safety tips.


To start with, it is vital to have functioning fire alarms. At minimum, each sleeping room and the area outside them needs one. If there is anyone who is hard of hearing or deaf, think about using an alarm with vibrations or flashing lights. You could also try bed or pillow shaker products that activate with the alarm.


In addition, you should ensure you prepare for the worst. Keeping a charged phone nearby is a good idea. Have a list of emergency contact numbers in it as well. This way, you can get help easily if you are in danger and cannot exit the home.

As for windows and doors, ensure you can open them easily and rapidly from the inside. If there are potential emergency exits that don’t open or have obstacles in the way, open them up so it is easy to exit the home.

The right help

Let’s say there is a situation where the elderly person has cognitive, mobility, hearing, or vision issues. These can hinder their ability to escape fire and smoke. Here, there will need to be a designated individual who ensures the proper steps are taken during fires. They will have to help the person with the impairment get out safely.

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