Is now the right time for home care?

We’re a business with experience looking after individuals with a wide array of needs. Our focus is on providing a personal assistant that can give people the help they need in their own home. Not everyone likes the idea of a care home, but thanks to our services, nobody has to go to one.

In 2022, the University of Michigan did a national poll on healthy ageing. It revealed that more than half of adults past the age of 50 helped someone aged 65 or above in the previous two years. This was with personal, health, or other care tasks. If you belong to this group, you might ask yourself what the right time for in-home care will be. Loved ones and family members could be stepping in to offer support. Organising care may become a necessity, but knowing when that point is can be tricky.


You should start by being honest about how the extra responsibility is influencing you. Family caregivers can have demanding schedules. As a result, the degree of help you’ve been offering can negatively influence your health, relationships, or work. Hiring an in-home personal assistant might be the best choice for everyone. Both you and your loved one will get the necessary support.

How will the changes affect your loved one?

Personal assistantThe second detail to consider is how the changes will influence your loved one. It can be tough to admit we might need help with the basic tasks of daily living. In-home care doesn’t mean the individual can’t do things themselves any longer. Actually, it can help them carry on doing them. Approaching family with this subject is tough. With some thought and preparation though, you can begin an open and honest dialogue. It will help lead to a plan you can all agree on for future care.

We have some tips you can use to have this conversation. One thing you will need to do is be compassionate. Think about things from their point of view. Listen more than you speak. Ask questions instead of making statements. Lastly, don’t attempt to tell them your answer; work on it together.

Find the right service

In-home care could include both hands-off and hands-on help. The former can work with light housekeeping, cooking, errands, and transport. As for the latter, you can use it for the likes of mobility and hygiene. The care plan for your family members has to meet the needs of today but must have flexibility for the future too.

Ask us what a personal assistant can do

At Diamond Care and Support, we view every client as a person that has value. They are entitled to their own identity, including personality, likes, and dislikes. We facilitate it with our care services. The support work will help so you will be able to carry on doing what you love.

So, if you want to get a caring, flexible personal assistant, let us know. We support countless clients from our base in Sunderland.