Helping the elderly keep safe when it’s cold outside

Older people become a lot more vulnerable to illnesses when the temperatures drop. The reason for this is that the cold weather can suppress people’s immune systems. This leaves them with a higher risk of catching the flu, something which can be very dangerous. This is why at this time of the year people caring for the elderly, whether this is a family member or a personal assistant, need to take extra care to make sure the individual is safe.

Make sure they stay warm

Personal assistantAdequate home heating is incredibly important when it is cold outside. An older person takes more time to get warm than someone younger and will also lose heat faster. Moreover, they won’t be as active as a young person so they can get cold quick and might not even realise it.

The home needs to be 18 degrees Celsius at a minimum and the individual must wear enough clothes to ensure they are warm. Hot water bottles can be especially helpful for those who aren’t as mobile. Furthermore, hot drinks like tea, coffee, and hot chocolate can be very effective at warming up someone who is very cold.

Watch out for illnesses

personal assistantHaving someone keep an eye on the individual means they will be able to spot signs that they are unwell. This can include not being aware that their home is cold, having a hacking cough, and being drowsy. Recognising signs of illness means people can organise appropriate care as needed.

Something to be aware of is that everyone over 65 is eligible for a flu jab for free on the NHS. This is a vaccine that greatly reduces the likelihood of contracting the virus. In addition, it reduces the chances developing complications like pneumonia and bronchitis.

Make sure they have a helping hand

Many elderly people will struggle quietly when things get too much for them. They are often reluctant to seek help even though they cannot cope. Sometimes it is helping with the simple tasks like shopping and putting rubbish out that make all the difference. A PA can do this.

Arranging for a personal assistant to help

Care for the elderly often doesn’t involve much as older people don’t always need a great deal of help. However, some need more support with others. A personal assistant can be the perfect solution in this situation by tailoring the care around their needs. Work with a professional and reach out to Diamond for leading care services.