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Home care enhances family dynamics

There are people out there who need a certain amount of care. Not all of them want to move to a supported living facility though. With our domiciliary care services, we can give them the attention they need in their own properties. We have experience supporting those with cognitive, age-related, and physical issues. Services will be unique to cater for any needs. Continue reading

Tips for caring for the elderly during the Coronavirus pandemic

On the 23rd March 2020 the government brought in guidelines asking people to stay in their homes for 3 weeks. This was then extended a further three weeks in April. The goal is to help combat the outbreak of COVID-19 by minimising transmission. As a result, people are now only able to leave homes for very few reasons. This has had a huge impact on how we live our lives, including how people care for others. It means big changes if you are a carer or a personal assistant. Continue reading

Handling cleaning and laundry jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic

Domiciliary careWe are a company that supplies an array of essential care services to individuals in need of assistance. This includes domiciliary care. We can offer support for various needs, including elderly people at home and families who have a loved one who has a disability. Our people go out of their way to ensure we offer a really great service. We can take care of many things, including looking after the home as well as the person who needs extra help. Continue reading

The various meanings behind special needs

Personal assistantWe are here to supply those in need with a myriad of vital services. Our goal is to ensure that elderly people as well as anyone with a disability can keep going on with their life. This includes sending a personal assistant to them who can attend to all their needs. Our team promotes inclusion, opportunity, independence, and dignity. The result is a happier life for our clients. Continue reading

How domiciliary care can help tackle loneliness

Everyone’s lives can get hectic from time to time. Between juggling home life, work, and everything else, it soon builds up. Then it is not long before you realise you have not visited family members or friends who live alone in weeks. While it might feel to you like time has flown by, it will more than likely feel like much longer to them. Certain people, such as the elderly and those with disabilities can struggle to get out and about. This can leave them feeling isolated. One thing that can be a huge help with this is domiciliary care. Continue reading

Helping in the heat

For disabled and older individuals, there is professional help available when they require it. This is what Diamond PAs specialises in. We are a reliable team that aims to offer the very best domiciliary care. Our assistants make sure clients receive the attention they need. Continue reading

Care options in adulthood

A personal assistant can aid you in a myriad of ways. They have the training to attend to people with advanced ages and individuals with special requirements as well. Every PA at Diamond PAs is a professional with the right experience and qualifications. As a result, with them by your side, you can continue to live a happy life without giving up your home. Continue reading