Hiring a flexible personal assistant

Regardless of whether you are the one who needs assistance or it is a close friend/family member, a personal assistant can help. We work with numerous requirements, such as people with physical and cognitive needs as well as the elderly. This includes people who are living with disabilities. The assistants we provide can make a huge difference in a person’s day to day life.

Someone To Help Out

You can speak with us about what you want an assistant to help with. This gives you a degree of control, enabling you to have an independent life in your home. You also won’t have to deal with constantly having different assistants; in most cases you’ll have the same person to support you.

Our personal assistants can handle care duties among other tasks so that you don’t have to deal with issues on your own. Most importantly the assistant can help you to stay organised so that you are not left to struggle. They can help with organising your schedule, medication, and much more.

Different Levels Of Support

People have their own individual lives, likes, and needs. This is why it is best to have an assistant who is flexible and able to do many different jobs. We are confident we can offer the degree of support you want us to. We have included some examples of what we can do below:

• Personal care
• Assisting with travel arrangements and escorting
• Support while socialising
• Help with household work and cleaning
• Supporting families and carers so that they can have a break

With us families won’t have to struggle or worry about someone close to them not having the support they need. Using an agency can offer peace of mind as you will know that we have checked that the individual is the best person for the role. This removes a lot of hassle while providing you with someone who can make a helpful impact.

Hire a reliable and trustworthy personal assistant by getting in touch with the Diamond PA team. We would love to help you however we can so call us at 01915 166223.