Improving your sleep patterns

Personal assistantWe are a company that aims to provide support to those who need it, regardless of the reason. At times, families cannot look after their loved ones alone. It is at this point where they come to us. Or you could be elderly and find you need a little extra help yourself. Our establishment can offer a personal assistant support worker. This will be a person with the talent and experience to step in and assist with many different things.

Many individuals have trouble sleeping at night and it can get even harder as we age. A lack of sleep can influence how our day to day activities play out. Most people believe that they will eventually begin sleeping correctly again. This can lead to using the wrong methods to try and sleep though. If you are having issues with poor sleeping patterns, the advice we have can help.

The right temperature

One thing you should do is keep your bedroom cool. Keeping this space at a nice 18 degrees Celsius shall aid you in getting a better night’s sleep. See to it that there is sufficient fresh air and ventilation in your room when you are in bed sleeping. What this will do is prevent you from being irritable.

Prioritise comfort

Secondly, make sure you are comfortable. Sleeping in an uncomfortable bed will stop you from getting enough sleep. Waking up suffering from pains and aches can also influence your daily routines. Ensure that you have a comfortable mattress. You can look forward to a quality sleep in the evening and it can benefit you in the rest of the day too.

Associating beds with sleeping

You should associate your bed with sleep too. A lot of individuals get into bed and spend some time watching TV. Others look at their phones, play on their iPads, or use their laptops. Do what you can to get rid of any distractions when you go to bed. See to it that you are also in a dark room. Eventually, your brain shall understand that getting into bed means sleep. Your body can relax and your brain can release melatonin.

Have a ritual

Finally, create some sort of bedtime ritual. A lot of us have specific activities that make us feel sleepy. This can be listening to relaxing music, taking a bath, or reading a book. Discover what works for you and come up with a bedtime routine. If it is hard for you to sleep but you are aware that a bath relaxes you, have one near bedtime.

Ask for a personal assistant to help you

At Diamond Care and Support, we view every client as an individual. We understand everyone has their own lives and sense of identity that they must maintain. Our people will be able to help you retain this normality in your life. We will just step in to provide the assistance you need around your home or to get out into the world.

So, if you would like to use a personal assistant, please get in touch. Our home care services are excellent and adaptable to suit all needs.