Introducing in-home care to the elderly

Domiciliary careThere are individuals out there who require more care than the average person. What they need the most are specialist services that centre around their needs. We are a business that provides this to them. Our domiciliary care ensures that they receive help while still promoting an independent life.

In-home care like ours can be of great benefit to senior citizens. The trouble is that not everyone will be for it. People don’t always admit when they need assistance. However, there are ways you can encourage them to use it. Below, you can find our advice on the subject.

Baby steps

You should start off slow and give them sufficient time to get comfortable with the idea. Initially, try to have the assistant come in for a few hours only every week. Make certain they concentrate on tasks that are not as personal and build a rapport. Afterwards, add more hours and tasks as the elderly person becomes more agreeable with the carer and the whole idea.

Retain their dignity

Aid them with retaining their dignity too. Do this by telling them it is for you and not them. Presenting the idea in this fashion may make the elderly person more receptive. This way, there is less of a chance of them feeling less capable or like they are losing their independence.

A new friend

Try to introduce the caregiver as a friend as well. Tell the elderly person that the carer is a friend of yours who requires some company. What this does is take the stigma of requiring assistance away. As a result, it will help them to trust the caregiver.

Domiciliary care that works for you

At Diamond Personal Assistants, we can provide an excellent support choice to everyone that works with us. Our customers include those with age-related, physical, and cognitive related conditions. In other words, we are a very flexible establishment. We support everyone to the best of our abilities, and give them the respect and dignity they deserve.

So, if you would like to use our domiciliary care service, please let us know. We can arrange everything, creating a bespoke service that can adapt to any needs.