Everyone needs some outdoor time

At Diamond PA, we take it upon ourselves to offer a myriad of services for everyone in need of additional support. You can request a personal assistant to aid you with your daily activities. They won’t take over your life entirely though. Our team prefers to help everyone keep their independence as much as possible.

Personal assistantPeople often take the fact that we can go outside for granted. Sometimes, it appears that the advantages of doing so have to be justified for someone to take them seriously. You can enjoy the trees, plants, sun, and fresh air. Usually, all this makes us feel a lot better. We can relieve the stresses of daily life.

Sadly, those in care homes and hospitals don’t always have the opportunity to go out. Even people who choose domiciliary care can struggle. It is even worse for individuals suffering from dementia. However, there is actually strong evidence that going outside is critical for mental and physical health.

Vitamin D

This is important for building robust muscles and bones. Its deficiency is primarily linked to rickets. In addition, it has a link to a higher danger of malignancies. This is as well as a multitude of autoimmune and inflammatory diseases. People tend to be deficient in it because they do not get enough exposure to sunlight.

Fresh air

Something else going outside does is it lets us exercise where there is fresh air. At the same time, we can benefit from the sunshine. According to research, the health of dementia sufferers was shown to have increased significantly when they spent 10 to 15 minutes being active outside. Outside walks lower stress levels and improve self esteem. You can be active and become more sociable.

A personal assistant can really help

At Diamond Personal Assistants, we make it a point to work alongside our clients. This makes it easier for us to provide the right support. We can meet your individual requirements and also guarantee consistency with our services.

If you would like the support of a personal assistant, please contact us. We can tell you how the service works, what it can include, and more.