Is there a link between strokes and dementia?

It is our responsibility to ensure that those who need help receive it. People require aid for many reasons, including age, disability, or caring for someone with specific needs. What we do is ensure that we find the right personal assistant for them. We want our clients to be happy. In addition, we would like them to retain as much of their independence as possible.

Personal assistantStrokes and dementia can both impact someone’s life. There is the strain on your emotional wellbeing as well as the physical effects. In many instances, people don’t know the impacts and causes of the two conditions until they experience them first hand. Information does exist that explains the connection between dementia and strokes. However, we know that people can struggle to understand it. To help, we have some notes on the subject below that we hope make it easier.

Can a stroke cause dementia?

To those wondering if a stroke can cause dementia, the short answer is yes. We are not saying that everyone who has a stroke gets dementia too though. The Alzheimer’s Society said that roughly 20% of stroke sufferers develop vascular dementia. This tends to happen within 6 months. Some symptoms include slower thought processes and difficulty concentrating. Others find it hard to make decisions, organise, and plan.

Emotional changes

In addition to the cognitive symptoms, people experience changes with their emotional wellbeing. This includes apathy, anxiety, and depression. Mood changes are not always positive indicators as to whether you have vascular dementia or not.

Following a stroke, people can have poor mental health. The best thing to do here is keep looking at the physical symptoms and behaviour of the one suffering. Look out for anything unusual.

Find a personal assistant who can help

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