Memory improvement exercises

We are a care business run by professionals with more than three decades of experience between them. It is our job to do everything possible to ensure that clients have the right support. To this end, we provide everyone with the ideal personal assistant. It will be someone who will understand your needs and then have the right skills to help with your daily life.

As people age, it’s vital to concentrate on exercising the brain to maintain focus. It is the same for memory and daily functionality. There are all kinds of ways you can keep your brain in top condition. By performing these exercises, you can do just that. As a result, it will make daily tasks easier.


One strategy to do this would be playing card games. There is a plethora of games that you could play to enhance your brain function and memory. A fast game can result in an increase to brain volume in a number of areas. It will enhance memory and also stimulate thinking skills. Some popular games you can play include Crazy Eights and Gin Rummy. Others would be Poker, Hearts, and Solitaire.


Personal assistantA lot of people love a good jigsaw puzzle. Some only take half an hour but others are a thousand pieces long and take more time. Working on a puzzle can help to strengthen brain functions. Doing these puzzles typically involves some cognitive abilities. It is a protective part of visuospatial cognitive ageing. When you are piecing together a puzzle, you analyse all the shapes and pictures to determine where it all goes. This is both fun and an excellent way of challenging the brain.


Like with puzzles, a lot of us like to dance. Learning some new moves can increase the brain’s memory as well as the processing speed. It is a fun activity with great benefits for the brain. Some dance activities include line dancing, ballroom, and salsa class. It can also be a great way to get more active but without excessive strain.

Learning a new language

There are all kinds of cognitive benefits to learning and speaking a new language. Bilingualism can result in higher creativity levels, superior visuospatial skills, and better memory. Also, becoming fluent in several languages could help delay mental decline relating to age. This is something we all experience.

Find a personal assistant who can help

At Diamond Care and Support, we have experience supporting patients will all kinds of needs. It could be a disability, a health problem, or conditions relating to age. Whatever the case, we will make certain you can get the best help with a variety of things. This service is specifically designed to help people remain in their own home instead of having to choose to move into a care home.

So, please let us know if we can do anything for you. A personal assistant can help with all kinds of daily household tasks, personal care, and things like exercising and relaxing. It all comes down to what you need assistance with.