Planning for cold weather

The UK is in the midst of a very cold spell. It is an awful situation for many because of high energy prices. Elderly people are at most risk because the cold can increase the chance of illness and make a number of existing conditions such as cardiovascular and respiratory illnesses worse. There is also a higher risk of accidents, especially if people have mobility limitations. A personal assistant may be able to help here. They can look at risks and create a plan to help people stay warm.

Is there a heating issue?

Personal assistantThe most important thing to look at here is if there is a heating issue. The risk of people living in cold homes is much higher this year because of energy prices. A lot of Brits will only be using their heating sparingly due to fears they can’t afford it.

A personal assistant will be able to help if you are having trouble here. There are a number of things that could make the home warmer and safer.

Firstly, it is important to make sure elderly people use heating properly. Turning it on at the right times and for long enough can make a big difference.

On top of this it is important to avoid all of the things that could cause issues with heating. For example, don’t cover radiators and heaters. People often do this to dry clothes but then you are wasting the heating on that rather than keeping the room and occupants warm.

Get in to good habits with windows too. While you need to open them periodically for ventilation and to prevent issues like mould, it is important to ensure it doesn’t let the house get too cold. Most importantly, you should not leave windows open overnight.

Leading on from this, closing curtains or blinds can help too. It can reduce heat loss via the windows, so the home will be warmer.


A vital thing a personal assistant should do is make sure people dress correctly. It is crucial for staying warm. Wearing layers is very important. However, you need to do it properly to keep body heat in but not go too far as it can lead to sweating and that will actually cool you down.

Eating and drinking

A good diet is also even more important in winter. People will be using more energy to keep warm. So, you need to account for this and adapt what you eat. At the same time, hot drinks are really helpful too.

Get help from a personal assistant

The most important thing to keep in mind is assistants are here to help. They can provide support with everything from helping to stay warm to eating correctly. If you get domiciliary care you should feel confident speaking to the support workers and asking for help if you need any.

Diamond Care and Support understands the vital role that personal assistants can play here. We make sure our team have the right training and can spot potential issues, especially when the weather is cold. This way they can ensure people get the best level of care.

So, if you want to choose a great service or want to arrange it for a relative, speak to us. We are based in Sunderland but serve many local areas.