Protecting the elderly from fraud

We are a company established by carers who have decades of experience between them. This allows us to provide the greatest solutions for everyone. You will get a personal assistant with the skills to handle your specific needs. They can offer support with various medical conditions, mobility problems, and more. As a result, we will ensure you get the highest level of care.

Personal assistantFor a lot of individuals, April is a special month. During the spring, warmer weather arrives and flora blooms. However, it is also the time when the taxman comes. Speaking of finances, there is an issue that causes trouble for elderly folk. We are of course referring to financial fraud, or scams. Sadly, people targeting the elderly is very common. Scammers are always coming up with underhand tactics to try to get people’s money.

What we want to do is provide a couple of examples of scams. We will also go over the signs to watch out for and what you can do to help your family avoid trouble.

Grandparent scam

Firstly, we have a scam that consists of someone calling up pretending to be a grandchild needing help. They normally say they need money urgently. Their story may involve being in a foreign country, a hospital visit, or an arrest.

Lottery scam

We’d all love to win the jackpot. Scammers pray on this excitement. They tell you that you’ve won but need to pay a fee to claim the prize. Legitimate bodies like the National Lottery never ask people to do it.

The signs of fraud

Now for the signs. It is a good idea for the individual, family members, and any personal assistant, care, or support worker to understand them.

One is urgency. Scammers pressure a person to act quickly because it benefits them. The idea here is the rush makes people more likely to fail to spot signs they are dealing with a scam.

Requests for personal details is another sign. A scammer could ask for your bank account details and other personal information.

Payment demands is also a sign. Scammers insist on particular payment methods like cash, gift cards, or online transfers. It is easier for them to make off with cash and they can claim gift cards quickly. Online transfers offer a little more protection, but you still need to be very careful.

How to help elderly relatives?

As for how you can help your elderly relatives, you can start with education. Talk to them about common scams. In addition, remind them to never share personal details with strangers no matter the circumstances.

Stay involved as well. Check in frequently to see if they’ve had unusual emails or phone calls.

Finally, help them to secure personal information and sensitive documents. Keep anything vital in a safe place and shred unnecessary things.

Speak to us if you need a personal assistant

At Diamond Care and Support, we believe everyone has the right to be treated with respect and dignity. This belief as at the core of our business and is also clear to see in every single service. We can do the same for you too.

So, please let us know if you need a personal assistant. We can arrange help for all kinds of needs, adapting to any schedule.