Signs that someone needs a little extra support

The majority of people reach a point in their life where they need a little help with tasks. For instance, you might struggle with personal care and jobs around the house. This is nothing to be ashamed of. Assistance with this is something we offer here at Diamond PAs. Our first class carers and domiciliary care services give you all the support you need. We also work with people who fear family members or friends need help.

Recognising the right time to look into care options

Domiciliary careYou might find that someone you love or care about is beginning to struggle with day to day living. This often happens when people get older. If this is the case and you have any concerns, you might want to think about extra support and discuss options.

People might have trouble with their mobility such as finding it hard to get in and out of chairs, or have a condition like Parkinson’s. In addition, you might notice that they struggle to complete and keep on top of tasks like they once could such as cleaning the house. Furthermore, the individual might become confused with their daily routine. Signs of this can include forgetting their medication.

An important warning sign to keep an eye out for is people forgetting to eat and drink. Weight loss and dehydration can affect health and result in serious illness.

People are often reluctant to acknowledge that they need help. It can be helpful to focus on the tasks they need assistance with in the home like tidying up rather than personal care when broaching the subject.

A friendly face

Our aim is to help you hold onto your independence for as long as possible while also offering assistance in the areas you need. We tailor our domiciliary care services to the needs of each specific client to offer unique care. This enables everyone to get the right support to live in comfort.

If you or someone you know wants to work with our fantastic team of carers, reach out. We can discuss services and show you exactly why we are the perfect people to work with. You won’t find more caring or compassionate people.