The relationship between a personal assistant and client

It can be a struggle to search for the right person in regards to the role of a personal assistant because everyone has unique needs. We recognise and understand this, using our knowledge to shape our service. We can assist you by providing someone who will be able to help with your needs.

In the world of social care, approximately 70,000 disabled people in England have personal assistants who are there to help them. They offer support and assistance so that the client can live their life in a way that other people might take for granted. This can include personal care, helping with household work, and acting as a chaperone. There are many other examples of how they can assist people.


Work like this isn’t solely about acting as a parent or carer. It also goes beyond ensuring the wellbeing of someone. Assistants will help with various aspects of their life. This provides people with a degree of autonomy where they know that they are in control of their own choices. Along with aspects of personal care, it can also include many other forms of providing support. This is so that people can do things like socialise and attend events.

An assistant needs to be professional, courteous, and able to connect with you, the client. This ensures that they are a good fit and understand your needs so that they can provide the aid you need. People in this area of work enjoy it as they find it a rewarding and fulfilling role.

The Right Person For The Job

Sometimes you might need a PA in a crisis. This is something that we understand and prepare for. We offer same day help for situations like this, therefore ensuring we can get help to people quickly. Every member of our team is someone that you can trust to provide you with what you need.

We work with people who have physical and cognitive conditions as well as those related to age. Providing a personal assistant who will make a positive impact on the life of the client is what we are great at. You can contact if you have any queries and want to find out more about the work we do.