A personal assistant can help elderly people living at home

Living independently in their own home is something that many elderly people want. There are also a wide array of benefits including more privacy and less upheaval. With the right help seniors can enjoy a high quality of life at home. We are happy to offer support wherever we can. With us it is very easy to arrange for a personal assistant.

Why choose a PA?

Having someone come in to help out can provide plenty of benefits. Firstly they can help with household chores that elderly people may struggle with, including physically demanding cleaning and maintenance. Assistants can also check the calendar and make sure that their customers make it to appointments, including important doctor or hospital visits. Perhaps most importantly, the assistant will be a friend and a companion.

Agency or independent?

There are generally two options for hiring a personal assistant. The first is to ask the council to appoint someone. This is an easier option for many people but it is not the only choice. The alternative is to find a PA yourself. If you receive funding for social care at home you can choose to have this paid directly to you. As a result you can then pay someone.

One thing you need to decide is whether to appoint an agency or independent personal assistants. There are different benefits with each option. For example an agency will tend to have more staff. Independent PAs on the other hand may be more likely to arrange for the same person to visit you each time. As a result you can build a better relationship with them.

The most important decision

Whether you choose an agency or an independent PA, it is vital you are happy with the people who will be providing your care. Make sure you check the kind of services they will provide in particular. If they are handling any part of your finances, it is even more important that they are reliable and trustworthy.

Diamond Personal Assistants is a professional team working across Sunderland. We strive to offer the very best care and support we can for all of our clients, especially seniors and people with disabilities. We understand the true value a personal assistant can add to quality of life, setting the highest standards for ourselves.

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