When to choose domiciliary care?

Domiciliary care is when assistants or carers visit people at home to provide help and support with various things. The service will always be unique to the needs of the customer. For example they may help elderly people with household tasks and personal care or support families with disabled children.

This kind of service is more popular in the UK because of the aging population. More and more people choose to remain at home as they age so there is higher demand for support. As a result the number of PAs and carers is rising.

There are many cases when this kind of care is beneficial. They include:

•If elderly people start to find it hard to do day to day tasks such as getting out of bed, washing, and cleaning.

•When full-time carers need extra support or a break.

•If customers have trouble getting to appointments and doing things like shopping.

•When the current home is still suitable and safe but the customer needs extra help.

•If elderly or disabled people want to stay at home rather than moving into assisted living.

Sudden changes in situation

The need for domiciliary care may come very suddenly because of illness, injury, or a number of issues. Luckily there are ways to arrange emergency support. Some local authorities have obligations to provide services in certain cases. In others you will need to arrange help, either through an agency or independent providers.

The domiciliary services can be short or long term to suit the specific case. For example a full time carer may only need the extra help while they get over an illness. Alternatively elderly people may find they need ongoing support while they continue to live in their own home.

Choose the best service

Diamond Personal Assistants work very hard to help people live happy in their own homes. Our team can support everybody, including the elderly, people with disabilities, and families. The services we offer are broad and always match the situation. We can even offer a same day assistant if there is an emergency.

Arrange domiciliary care for as long as you need it with one call to us. We serve the whole of Sunderland and look to provide the friendliest services we can.