Advice on flying

Our company exists to provide individuals in need with a personal assistant. They could require the support for many reasons, including poor health or disability. What we do is ensure that the right individual is there to care for them. The people on our team are professionals that can help with things like shopping, meal preparation, and even companionship.

When you prepare a trip for the elderly, you can do certain things to lower inconvenience and stress. This is very important since both can pop up when it involves air travel. In addition to boarding early, there are many other steps you can take here.

A simple but significant phone call

Personal assistantTo begin with, don’t underestimate the significance of a phone call. The most essential part of air travel planning for the elderly is communication. This can help to make all kinds of arrangements. A personal assistant can help with this.

Today, the majority of bookings and planning takes place online. This is perfectly fine for handling the actual tickets. However, you should make plans to call in advance to sort out special needs/requests for the journey. Think about details like seats at the front of the plane. Alternatively, you might require bulkhead seats for additional legroom.

Wheelchair access

Something else you should sort out in advance is wheelchair coordination. Do this if it is necessary. It is entirely possible here for a person not to have thought details through as thoroughly as possible. The elderly individual could require aid up to when they take their seat on the plane.

Another good idea would be to do follow-ups on requests made. Don’t feel as if you are being a pest here though. These follow-ups are going to be worth it for the peace of mind.

Travel aids

Having some airplane travel aids can prove beneficial as well. Objects like travel pillows and noise-reduction headphones can help create a restful setting. This will be useful for those long flights. Take some compression stockings and put them on once boarding is complete. This works to lower the danger of blood clots. As for airborne bacteria, you can use a mask or nose-and-mouth guard to limit exposure.


This is another important detail to consider. When carrying them through security to the aircraft, plan in advance. This way, you won’t have them confiscated. The best thing to do here is bring a doctor’s note proving that the individual needs the medicine. While you are at it, organise an in-flight medication schedule. Ensure that you do this if the elderly person will be crossing several time zones. You will want them to take the correct medication at the correct times.

Come to us to find a personal assistant

At Diamond Personal Assistants, we support individuals as well as whole families. The people in question could be elderly or those with some variety of disability. No matter the circumstances, we will be able to give them the best aid.

Contact us today if you require a personal assistant. We can adapt to any needs to ensure we prioritise the individual’s wellbeing.