Befriending is one of the leading ways to offer support

We are a relatively new business, but our staff members have more than thirty years experience between them. In other words, we have the right skills and a lot of knowledge. This makes us the top place to find a quality personal assistant Sunderland has. Our support doesn’t simply extend to individual people; we’re more than capable of helping entire families as well.

Hobbies and leisure activities are vital to quality of life. In addition to being fun, they can make people feel better about themselves. They can also enhance our skills, give us chances to meet new friends, and lets everybody be part of a community.

Sadly, people with learning disabilities might not have the opportunity to partake in the things they want to. As a result they may miss out on the benefits one can gain by taking part. Fortunately, there is a way around this with our service.

The act of befriending

Befriending can give individuals with disabilities the chance to take part different activities. With a friend assisting them, the individual has the extra support they need to do various things. This means they are not alone and don’t need to feel under pressure or uncomfortable. In addition the assistant can help with staying organised, getting any supplies that are necessary for the hobby, and go to activities with them.

At Diamond Personal Assistants, it’s our belief that everyone deserves respect and dignity. This is regardless of their personal circumstances. Everyone has value and we want to help him or her in making the most of their lives.

Befriending is just one of the services on offer if you choose a personal assistant from us. We can also help with household chores, making it to meetings, and various other things.

If you would like to know more about the work that we do here, please get in touch with us.