Celebrating birthdays with a carer

We supply a wide array of services for people suffering from various health issues. They could relate to age, an injury, or a condition such as dementia. We offer clients a personal assistant that can attend to their every requirement. It is not uncommon to need support and we make it so that it is easy to ask for it. Our people are here to make sure you are as comfortable and independent as you can be.

Personal assistantOne of the most important jobs a carer can do is help their client celebrate a birthday. These celebrations tend to be a mixture of emotions. It is great to see people get wished a happy birthday, and to see them receive cards and presents. However, it can be somewhat stressful and overwhelming at times. This is particularly true for milestone ages.

If you receive full-time live-in care because of your needs, birthdays might not be on top of your list of priorities. Or you might not want a celebration because you don’t want a fuss. No matter what your circumstances are, there are ways to enjoy your birthdays whilst receiving care.

Liaising with the family

You could be someone who actually enjoys a bit of fuss. If so, then your carer can liaise with your friends and family. They can help to arrange a meal somewhere or a party. On the other hand, you might decide to invite them over and have a garden party. If you do that, beforehand the carer could tidy the garden up, making sure it is ready to host the event.

A trip out

For low-key celebrations, rather than completely ignoring the day, you can go out with your carer. Why not head to your local nature reserve or park for a little walk? Or choose afternoon tea or a picnic. Maybe a trip to your favourite museum is in order. Simply going outside for fresh air can make all the difference to your mental state.

Working with a friendly personal assistant

At Diamond Personal Assistants, we help our clients to enjoy their lives in the ways they want to. With more than 30 years of experience to draw on, we are confident we can make your daily life easier. We can offer help with so many different things that you can pick and choose exactly what you want us to do.

If that wasn’t enough, we know which personal assistant would work best for each client. That can help to build better relationships that are full of trust and friendship. So, if you would like to use our services, please let us know.