The causes and treatments for bad circulation

Our business is here to ensure that people have access to an array of support services should they need them. We specialise in all kinds of areas, including domiciliary care. Our goal here is to care for the client without needing them to leave their own home. It can provide the best of both worlds – the comfort of staying in a comfortable environment and extra help.

Domiciliary carePart of looking after someone in need of care is ensuring they have sufficient circulation. A lack of circulation occurs when your body is unable to receive enough blood flow. There are multiple conditions that can lead to this too. Right now, there are millions of people in the UK with a circulatory or heart condition. As a result, it is critical to be able to treat the symptoms and signs of the conditions.

A warning

In some instances, bad circulation could be warning you of another health condition. It can help us spot them and get the person to make some lifestyle changes. There are several symptoms to watch out for. Keeping track of them will enable you to help stop long term illnesses, so it is a very good idea. Some signs to look for include numb hands and feet, brittle toenails, erectile dysfunction, and hair loss on the legs and feet.

Treating bad circulation

It is also important to know how you can help treat this problem. By talking to a cardiologist, they can aid you in deciding on the most suitable treatment after they look at your condition. They could recommend several things. These can include bypass grafts, stents, compression stockings, or some variety of medication. Which one you use shall depend on the specifics of the condition. There are also things you can do at home including getting more exercise, staying at a healthy weight, keep a healthy blood pressure, stop smoking, and more.

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At Diamond Personal Assistants, we work hard to offer one of the greatest support services in our area and beyond. Our clients often have physical, age, and cognitive conditions they need help with. It is up to us to assist them with domestic routines, daily tasks and also the social side of life. We work to make all of these things easier.

With our domiciliary care service, you will have all you need to continue enjoying life. So, if we can do anything for you, please get in touch.