Domiciliary care is the best option in some cases

The experience held by our carers includes supporting people with learning difficulties and assisting the elderly within their homes. Everyone deserves to receive respect and dignity, regardless of the case. With our domiciliary care, this is exactly what you will get.

It is more common now for people to choose care in their own private home rather than moving into independent living. Carers can visit to help people who struggle with various things. The service will suit the personal needs, making it suitable for most scenarios. For example a carer can provide companionship, help with cooking and cleaning, and even escort people to appointments and social events.


One of the biggest pros of domiciliary care is stability. With it you can remain in your home. This gives you a measure of normality as well as ensuring your comfort and reducing stress. In many cases all it takes is a few alterations to ensure the property is safe. This could include handrails, ramps, and even a chair lift. The carer will come in each time and make sure there are no risks while they do their job.


The one-to-one attention is perhaps the top benefit of home care though. When a carer visits their whole focus will be on their patient. The amount of time they spend together helps to build a friendly relationship and makes the whole service more rewarding.

The ratio of workers to inhabitants in care homes is infamous. Sadly staff members can end up in a position where they’re overworked. Because of this, it’s tough to give every resident the attention they need. It’s completely different with domiciliary care. The carers give patients as much time as they need and won’t be rushing around to help other people.

At Diamond Personal Assistants, we can help people living at home with things like household cleaning, meals, and socialising. Furthermore, if you have any hobbies or interests, we can assist you in continuing with them. We support elderly people, patients with disabilities and also families.

If there are specific needs you’d like to discuss with us, please get in touch. We look forward to hearing from you.