Offering carers and parents the support they need

When you are looking after someone, it is a fulfilling role that brings many rewards. At the same time though it is a full time job that can have challenges. Support from a personal assistant can help make things easier. This may be for those with disabilities, the elderly or for family support.

A Helping Hand

Caring for people, whether short or long term, involves a lot of work. Because of this, people tend to put their own needs aside. This can lead to both the physical and mental health and well-being of the carer suffering. As a result, seeking help gives people to have less to deal with. This may be with day to day tasks in the household, personal care or other support.

We value treating people as individuals and taking their complex needs into account. This way everyone can feel independent and do things for themselves. Our extensive work includes but is not limited to:

– Shopping
– Household cleaning
– Personal care
– Help with washing and ironing
– Meal preparation

Getting help is important in certain situations. Examples of this include if the carer becomes ill, has something to attend to, or need sudden help. They may also benefit from a break for a chance for some self-care. This helps to reduce stress. You are not alone; we can be here for you.

Supporting You

Some smaller tasks can become very tiring and the last thing on your list of things to get done. We can support you by taking on some of these jobs to make life easier for carers and the people they look after. You then get to focus on other aspects of your life, including allowing you a chance to relax. We enjoy being a friend everyone can rely on.

You may have an interest in our sitting service. This allows someone to come to your house and look after the person you care for. You then get some time to yourself to get other work done. A break from caring duties can be highly beneficial as you cannot care for others before you have done it for yourself.

Contact Diamond Personal Assistants today to find out more about our services. Whatever you need, even same day assistance, we are more than happy to provide this throughout the Sunderland area. Discover how helpful a personal assistant can be today.