Don’t believe everything you hear about older brains

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Many individuals have concerns about losing their mental functions later in life. With brain health in older people, all sorts of misconceptions exist. What we are going to do is look at the facts so that you know the truth.

Different illnesses

The first misconception is that Alzheimer’s and dementia are one and the same. In reality, the latter is a decline in thinking skills, emotions, and memory. The most common cause of it is Alzheimer’s. However, there are all sorts of separate conditions. These can damage multiple parts and circuits of the brain. For example it could be vascular dementia, Huntington’s disease, or frontotemporal dementia.

Irreversible memory issues

There are also people who say that there is no way to fix memory issues. But, it is actually possible to improve the symptoms of many conditions. You can do so by following specific lifestyle choices.

Sadly the diseases shall progress with time. Saying this, it is critical for your doctor to rule out temporary causes of confusion and memory loss. This includes the likes of depression, delirium, infections, and medication side effects.

All exercise is vital

Lastly, there are many who claim that brain exercise is the only necessary kind to do later in life. But, we actually require physical as well as mental stimulation. With a program of strengthening and aerobic activities, you can preserve a decent blood flow to your brain. This also aids in managing diabetes. It is the same for heart disease and other conditions influencing brain health. Physical exercise can keep brains healthy. In return, it increases the likelihood of being active.

We choose a personal assistant that will work with you

At Diamond Care and Support we employ people that have more than three decades of experience between them. With our knowledge, we are able to help clients with an array of needs. Your personal assistant shall be able to assist with age-related, cognitive, and physical conditions.

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