Understanding the impact of cholesterol

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Personal assistantTo have a healthy heart means having several different elements of lifestyle and health in unison. Avoiding alcohol and cigarettes, minimal salt intake, and sufficient exercise, each one will reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease. Something else that comes up with heart health is cholesterol. Its role here is not always property understood. We want to take a closer look at it to help you get a better understanding.

Cholesterol isn’t really a bad thing because our bodies require it to create healthy cells. But, when there is too much, you have a higher risk of heart disease. Thus, you must manage your levels correctly.

Two types

Cholesterol is described as being a waxy material located in all your cells. It has a myriad of useful duties, including building cell growth. When we go to the doctors for bloodwork, they measure two separate kinds of cholesterol. These are high-density lipoprotein (HDL), and low-density lipoprotein (LDL).

Each type of cholesterol is great to have in your body to a specific amount. Yet, when LDLs accumulate, they are able to restrict your blood vessels’ passageways. This can cause a stroke or a heart attack. For this reason, people refer to LDLs as the bad cholesterol.

HDLs are not as threatening because they carry a large amount of cholesterol in your blood to the liver. It is here where it gets broken down and expelled from your body.

If there are too many LDLs in your body, you should cut back on processed and red meats. Moreover, participating in weight loss exercises can help keep levels down.

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