Ensuring people take their medication safely

A lot of people reach a point in their life where they need to take certain medications. This could be for a specific condition like diabetes or to help maintain good general health. Unfortunately, medicines can have risks when you do not use them correctly. With a little knowledge and help from someone like a personal assistant, you will be able to make sure you and those you care about stay safe.


You will need to take your medicines at certain times, however managing them can be hard. It might be that you forget to take them or you fail to get more when you are starting to run out. Tablet organisers are incredibly helpful for planning out your medicines.

If you have tablets that you need to take at specific points in the day like at night or with food, try to keep this the same. You can develop a routine that will make you more likely to remember to take them.


It is crucial that you understand how much medication you need to take and how often. Getting this wrong can harm you. You might want to consider setting a timer so that you know when you can safely take your next lot of medicine. You can also ask your personal assistant to help you stick to your schedule.

If you think you need to be taking more or less of your medication, speak to a doctor first. You should also never assume that you should just take twice the amount of medicine next time if you miss a dose. This can harm your health, so speak to a GP about what you should do if this happens.

Understand Your Medicines

personal assistantYou need to know about what you are taking. Make sure you are certain that you are taking it correctly and the risks about combining it with other medication. Ask your doctor if you are ever unsure and take the time to read the labels. It is dangerous when you are complacent about your medicine.

People often hire a personal assistant that can help with care such as taking medications. At Diamond PAs, we have numerous skilful experts who can offer you quality support for your needs.

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