Summer safety tips for the elderly

Everyone ages, it is simply a fact of life. However people do not have to struggle alone when they find that they have trouble in their older years. There are specialist services that can help with this. Domiciliary care is a great one, and elderly people won’t even need to leave your home.

Summer can be a fun time that allows everyone to enjoy different outdoor activities and relax in the sun while socialising with others. Unfortunately though, elderly individuals face hazards from the heat if they are not careful. It is important they take the right safety measures so the conditions don’t cause problems.


People cannot conserve water as well as they once did when they age. This means that they are more susceptible to dehydration because they don’t realise they are thirsty. It is important to remind them and make sure they are drinking plenty of water. This is important wherever they are, so pack lots of water when going out for the day or make sure to buy drinks often. Hydrating also happens through juicy fruits and treats like frozen ice lollies.

Dress Right

Seniors often want to wear lots of clothes and cover up. This is because they think that they will get cold, sunburnt, or suffer from bug bites. If this is the case, they need encouraging to wear lighter fabrics rather than heavier ones and lots of layers. This will allow them to feel warm even if they step into somewhere with air conditioning. Loose and light colour clothes will also keep them cool when they do go outdoors. If they are worried about bugs, repellent sprays are always an option.

Use Sun Protection

Domiciliary care

This isn’t just about applying sunscreen every 30 minutes. Wearing a hat is even more helpful. Sunglasses are another great form of protection which will block the UV rays that can harm ageing eyes that might already be damaged.

Keeping the elderly safe when it gets hot does take a little planning, but it allows everyone to have sun and stay healthy. There are many ways in which older people can receive beneficial support with their needs, including through domiciliary care services.

If home care is something that you have an interest in, do not hesitate to reach out to us. We support elderly clients and their family members.