Handling cleaning and laundry jobs during the COVID-19 pandemic

Domiciliary careWe are a company that supplies an array of essential care services to individuals in need of assistance. This includes domiciliary care. We can offer support for various needs, including elderly people at home and families who have a loved one who has a disability. Our people go out of their way to ensure we offer a really great service. We can take care of many things, including looking after the home as well as the person who needs extra help.

It is fair to say that the COVID-19 outbreak has ushered in some huge changes across the globe. Our industry is no different. Carers must adopt different practices whilst at work in order to keep everyone safe.


Many carers must perform cleaning duties for their client. During the pandemic, they should take advantage of the household goods. This includes things like bleach and detergent. Both are highly effective at removing the virus from surfaces. Furthermore, any surfaces that are regularly touched should be cleaned frequently.

As for disposable cleaning cloths and personal waste, it is preferable to store them securely in rubbish bags. You should then put them into other bags, tie them tight, and separate them from everything else. Put them aside for at least 72 hours prior to placing them inside the normal household waste bin.

What to do with the laundry

Carers will need to take additional care while handling the laundry as well. Shaking dirty garments prior to washing should be avoided. This will lower the chances of the virus spreading into the air. Some items might be soiled heavily with bodily fluids. There could even be some un-washable items present. With the owner’s consent, it would be best to dispose of them.

Reliable domiciliary care at all times

At Diamond Personal Assistants, we enable people in need of care to live with dignity in their own homes. This would not be possible without our essential domiciliary care service. To us, everyone has their own sense of identity and we want them to keep this. Our PAs will become friends as well as reliable sources of support with various things.

If you require our services, please don’t hesitate to contact us. We can discuss services and then find the perfect solution for you.