Tips for caring for the elderly during the Coronavirus pandemic

On the 23rd March 2020 the government brought in guidelines asking people to stay in their homes for 3 weeks. This was then extended a further three weeks in April. The goal is to help combat the outbreak of COVID-19 by minimising transmission. As a result, people are now only able to leave homes for very few reasons. This has had a huge impact on how we live our lives, including how people care for others. It means big changes if you are a carer or a personal assistant.

We have included some advice in this article about supporting elderly people you care about during the lockdown. We hope it helps you to continue giving them the right support.

Can you visit an elderly relative during the lockdown?

Personal assistantOne of the guidelines is staying home, however you are able to go out if you are someone who provides care for a vulnerable person, for instance the elderly. Note that if they do not have any caring needs then you should not go in their home to minimise contact. But you can still use open windows and doorsteps to provide shopping and medications, as well as communication.

What about others who need care?

Of course, there are others who might require support during this time. You can visit any others who might need help at this time so long as this is only done when it is essential. The goal is still to reduce the risk of infection so you still need to keep a good social distance.

A lot of people are feeling lonely at this time and worry about their loved ones. You should try and use alternative forms of communication to keep in contact as much as possible. If you know someone who isn’t great with technology, try using letters.

Precautions to take

If you have to visit someone to provide care, try to keep 2 meters of distance where this is possible. You should not hug or kiss them. In addition, wash your hands well when you arrive as well as when you leave. You should also disinfect surfaces you touch like door handles and countertops.

What about going out for medical appointments?

You should try to use remote medical service where possible. For instance, you can arrange for phone appointments with your GP. If you or someone you are caring for has a scheduled appointment, ring up and ask for advice on your circumstances before going.

A personal assistant to help at all times

Diamond PA offers expert care services in the form of domiciliary care as well as being able to offer support through a personal assistant. This way, if you or a loved one requires help, you do not have to struggle and will be able to get the precise assistance you need.

Reach out today to talk to us about your needs; we would love to help you.