Handling stress levels

We understand that there are people out there who need more help than others do. Because of this, we make sure we provide a wide array of care services. When allocating Support Workers, we endeavour to ensure that they meet your specific requirements e.g interests, preferences etc. The extra help will make sure that you can enjoy life to the fullest at home and in your community.

One of the main things you need to watch out for while caring for someone is stress. There are all sorts of things in the world that cause this. A little bit here and there is normal in life. However, it is the constant stress that impacts your mental and physical health substantially. In order to deal with it, you need to know ways to cope with it. The following can help.

Physical health

support workerPerhaps the most important thing you need to do here is look after your body. Many individuals end up catching colds and feel generally terrible more often when they are struggling with stress. Research suggests that chronic stress has the ability to reduce your immune response. You will be more vulnerable to various illnesses as a result.

So, it pays to be mindful of what you are putting in your body. You should eat foods rich in magnesium, selenium, vitamin B, and vitamin C. A good diet can help you to feel much better within your own skin. It can also support your immune system and reduce the risk of illness.


Getting a good night’s sleep is also extremely beneficial. This might seem obvious, but it is definitely worth pointing out. Avoid making technology part of your bedtime routine too. Tablets and smartphones emit what is known as ‘blue light’. It can lower the feelings of sleepiness. In addition, it is believed that this light lowers REM sleep. This is the sleep stage responsible for supporting memory and learning. So, try to avoid using electronic gadgets at least 2 hours before bed.

Make certain the temperature, noise, and light levels in your bedroom are comfortable too. What this does is train your brain to link bedtime to sleep. It can help with relaxation and help you to de-stress.

Minimise stress with support from your Support Worker

At Diamond Care and Support, we are capable of supporting the elderly and those with various disabilities. Our considerable experience enables us to find the perfect person to help each client. This ensures we provide the perfect level of support.

Working with your support worker can also really help with tackling stress. Your support worker can deal with anything that may be contributing to it, including organising any medication, managing a calendar of appointments and social events, and all kinds of housework and personal care.

So, if we can be of help to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us.