Helping people with Parkinson’s disease

Ours is a team that supplies an extensive list of care services. They are designed to look after people who need help because of cognitive, age, or physical related issues. Even better, our domiciliary care service allows us to help you in the comfort of your own home. Care homes aren’t for everyone, so we provide a great alternative.

Domiciliary careParkinson’s disease is something tens of thousands of people suffer from in the UK. However, not everyone is familiar with it. Usually, it strikes at age 60 or older. But, it is possible for it to affect younger people too. One of the most prolific individuals suffering from this disease is actor Michael J. Fox. He was diagnosed at age 29. Ever since, he has been spending his time to make more people aware of the condition.

If you know someone who is suffering from Parkinson’s, you may be worried and anxious about the future. Fortunately, there are strategies you can use to help them. We are going to discuss some of them here.


One of the best things any carer can do is educate themselves about Parkinson’s disease. Stay up to date on all the most recent resources and treatment options. This will aid you in understanding the person’s condition. You will be able to better support them during treatment decisions and day to day life.

Be patient and understanding

Secondly, but equally as important, be understanding and patient. Parkinson’s is both frustrating and challenging to handle. By approaching things correctly, people can have good days as well as bad ones. Simply offering support and being there for the individual will help.

Healthy lifestyles

Additionally, you can help the person maintain a healthy lifestyle. This includes encouraging them to stick to a good diet, exercise, and sleep enough. Exercising can be particularly advantageous here. It can help those suffering from the disease to enhance their mobility. It is the same for coordination as well as balance. Find activities they like and ones suitable for their degree of mobility.

Accessibility and safety

Finally, you should create an accessible and safe home environment. This can consist of making easy modifications like handrails. You can also remove any tripping hazards. Make plans in case there is an emergency too. List some emergency contacts and their details so you can speak to them if there is a problem.

Domiciliary support tailored to any needs

At Diamond Care and Support, it is our belief that everyone deserves to be treated properly. This means treating clients with respect and dignity. There is no reason you should not feel self-respect and self-worth, no matter the help you need.

So, if you need domiciliary care, talk to us. We can visit people at home as often as necessary to help with all kinds of things. By tailoring the service to you and adapting it as your needs change, we make sure you always get the support you need.