Hire a professional carer when you are on holiday

We are a company that offers clients a huge selection of services when they need support. This includes domiciliary care. What separates it from other types of care is the fact it concentrates on promoting independence in your own home. We want clients to maintain it despite needing a little bit of extra help in their daily lives.

Everyone deserves a break

Domiciliary careYou might be preparing to go on a small weekend trip or a longer break. However, you could have concerns about leaving your elderly relatives alone. You may be their main source of help at home and worry they might not be able to look after themselves while you are away. You may even reconsider whether you can go.

However, there are solutions. One of the best options is to choose a support worker to come in. The home care can make it much easier on your relatives while you are away. From taking out the rubbish to shopping, there are many ways caregivers can help. You can arrange services for any needs and to suit any kind of schedule.

Some of the most important things you can arrange with domiciliary care service include:


Meal time can be troublesome for many senior adults. From cutting the vegetables and washing up, there is a lot to do. It may require a fair amount of time standing as well. It can definitely get tiring, and there is a risk of injury around hot ovens and stoves as well as sharp knives.

While the family is on holiday, caregivers can ensure that the elderly relatives are receiving healthy meals. They will assist with meal prep, and attend to all the necessary dietary restrictions and needs. The support worker can also handle the cleaning.

Medication management

A carer will also help with medication management while you are away. On average, an elderly adult takes roughly five separate medications daily. This figure can fluctuate depending on the person’s diagnosis and health. In any case, it is important to keep up with it.

When family members are on holiday, seniors can end up neglecting their medicine. It could occur because they simply forget or run out. With home care services, your family member will receive the necessary medications on time.

Flexible domiciliary care for all needs

At Diamond Care and Support, we offer service to enable people who need support to stay at home. They will carry on living with dignity and enjoying life to the fullest. We are capable of working with individuals that have age-related, physical, and cognitive issues. We can also be an extra pair of hands whenever family need help.

So, if you need our domiciliary care service, you are welcome to contact us to arrange it. We work across Sunderland and beyond from our local base.