How domiciliary care can help tackle loneliness

Everyone’s lives can get hectic from time to time. Between juggling home life, work, and everything else, it soon builds up. Then it is not long before you realise you have not visited family members or friends who live alone in weeks. While it might feel to you like time has flown by, it will more than likely feel like much longer to them. Certain people, such as the elderly and those with disabilities can struggle to get out and about. This can leave them feeling isolated. One thing that can be a huge help with this is domiciliary care.

There are a huge number of reasons people can become lonely. The elderly are particularly vulnerable to becoming socially isolated. The reason for this is they can lose their spouse when they get older. On top of this, they might not get the chance to see other people often. Another example is people with health issues who find it hard to get out the house and socialise. Or, they might be too worried to do so alone without the right support.

The negative effects loneliness can have

There are all kinds of situations that can lead to people becoming lonely. This is actually a condition which should not be taken lightly. The reason for this is that it can have a huge impact on an individual’s physical and mental health.

People who are lonely can be more likely to develop coronary heart disease and high blood pressure. As well as this, they can be more susceptible to a stroke. In addition, the likelihood of a person developing dementia increases by more than 60%. This shows how important socialising is for good health.

How domiciliary care can help people

Domiciliary careCare services are a helpful tool to help overcome the harmful effects of loneliness. With our work, you can arrange for a trained carer to check on the individual and talk to them. Even when this is just for a short period of time on occasion, it can make a huge difference.

As well as companionship, they will get support with tasks such as personal care and a chaperone for when people venture out – whatever is required. This means people can get out and about in order to interact with others when they want to without anything stopping them. It is a flexible form of care where people can hold onto the possessions and home that they love and be in control of the rhythm of their lives.

Domiciliary care can make a huge difference to how people feel by ensuring they are getting the support they need in an environment that they are comfortable in.

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