The elderly require even more attention in the winter

Personal assistantThere are many people out there who require support for one or more reasons. It is our job to use our skills and experience to give them the aid they need. We do this by supplying them with a personal assistant. As long as they have a PA around, they will find it much easier to have a happy and healthy life.

As a competent and hard working team, we know about all the major issues the elderly face. One of the biggest ones is them not being able to stay warm when the winter arrives. Once the temperature falls, older people have a higher chance of injuring themselves or developing health problems. The weather is often the cause here. Like with everything else, it pays to prepare and be careful.


Part of staying healthy is having a great diet. This is even more crucial in the winter months. The elderly need to have frequent meals. At least one of these must be hot. This will keep their energy levels high. Supply them with enough warming snacks that they can enjoy, ensuring they have suitable fibre and fruit to keep them warm.

In addition to a hot meal, small items are an excellent way of handling the cold. This can include cuppa-soups, tins of soup, and wholemeal toast.


With medication, the PA can pick up prescriptions for people if they can’t do it. In addition, the local pharmacy may have a pick-up and delivery service. If they are over 65, elderly people qualify to get a free flu jab. This is worth getting because more people get sick when it is cold.


A PA can make certain that people don’t have any falls either. They can place some sand and salt on paths, drives and steps when there is icy weather. There are some councils who supply free bags. Alternatively it is available to buy from most DIY shops.

Find a personal assistant you can trust

At Diamond PAs, we are capable of supporting entire families as well as individuals. This includes aiding older people inside their own properties. We can even escort them to and from their appointments, even in cold weather.

If you require a personal assistant yourself, please let us know. We can listen to your needs and then suggest the perfect person to help you.