Preventing issues with malnutrition

A personal assistant is someone who can help you with many of your daily tasks. They are particularly important if you have an illness, injury, or mobility issues due to age. PAs can do the tasks you struggle with and assist with other areas such as remembering to go to appointments.

Diamond PA is a business that employs some of the very best assistants. We offer a wide array of services to suit your unique circumstances.

Professional food preparation

Meal preparation is one of the many areas we specialise in. We take great care to ensure that the food suits your dietary needs. Moreover, we make certain that things like malnutrition don’t become an issue.

Malnutrition is a condition that affects many people. Additionally, a person can become unwell and not too keen on eating. Here, it can be difficult to aid them in meeting their nutritional requirements. However, there are actions a PA or carer can take to stop things from getting out of hand.

The best choices

Carers and PAs should assist in making suitable meal choices. For instance, you might only be capable of consuming soft foods because of bad dentition. In this event, it is important to make you aware of the available soft foods that aren’t difficult to chew.

A carer or personal assistant should never select food for a person they are caring for without consultation. A good idea would be to speak with you or a relative to discover your likes and dislikes.


It is also vital to know if the you possess any specific dietary requirements. For example, you could have swallowing problems. If this is the case, you might need a texture modified diet. Providing hard to swallow food could result in choking. In addition you may suffer with illnesses like diabetes. Here the meals must have the right sugar and carb content.

personal assistantAt Diamond PAs, our employees have no trouble helping you with meal preparation. They will see to it that you are eating properly. Furthermore, they shall make sure that you don’t consume anything that is unsuitable.

If you need a personal assistant, please contact our team. We will find someone who will be able to help with various areas, including meals, your schedule, cleaning, and personal care.