Staying safe from fraud

There are many people out there who require support for cognitive or physical reasons. It is our job to ensure they get the assistance they need. To accomplish this, we dispatch the most suitable personal assistant for the client’s requirements. PAs offer care without you needing to leave the comfort of your own home.

Personal assistantIt is possible to care for the elderly in many ways. One of the most important jobs we have would be to safeguard them against fraud. There are numerous scams out there and more people need to know how to stop them. Scammers have a knack for being convincing. Countless people fail to notice what was actually going on until it was too late.

Scammers normally attempt to make you believe that it is easy for them to offer you something enticing. This could be care or even home renovations. They will do everything in their power to make themselves appear genuine. Chances are they will use official sounding language. In addition, there is a chance that they already know details about you, like your address or name. It is surprisingly easy to get this.

Those more vulnerable to scamming

No one is completely safe from a scam. Saying this, people at home during the day and those living alone are the most vulnerable. Scammers also go after the elderly since they know many of them become confused and lonely. Both emotions can affect the decisions they make.

Numerous scam victims have fallen prey to scamming not knowing they are actually being conned. Your friend or loved one might believe they are about to win a huge prize. They might even think the con artist is their friend. It is harder for dementia sufferers because they struggle to say ‘no’. This is why it is important to care for them.

A supportive personal assistant

At Diamond Personal Assistants we have years of experience aiding both families and individuals. What we want the most is for our clients to have an ordinary life where they do as much for themselves as possible. It is not our desire to take over their lives. Instead we want to support them where they need it while maintaining their independence.

So, if you or a family member requires a personal assistant, please let our team know. We can discuss services with you and choose the perfect schedule.