What are care bubbles?

It is our job to provide the public with a myriad of services when they need more support. One of our most significant offerings would be domiciliary care. This service promotes inclusion, opportunity, independence, and dignity. It does all of this while allowing the clients to remain in the comfort of their own home.


Domiciliary careDuring the current COVID-19 pandemic, the term ‘care bubble’ has come to light. These types of bubbles are where two households can mingle. They can do so to supply informal caring arrangements for one individual or several. As a result, if you frequently visit to see how your elderly neighbour is doing, you could still do so when your area was under local lockdown. It was the same if you were the full time carer of a family member with numerous health needs.

When the local lockdowns first began in July, things were not like this. It led to lots of angst and concern from everyone who depended on family for care. However, the government soon saw how critical it was for those requiring care to continue receiving it. People could still carry on caring. In addition, the continuity of care services could carry on. This would relieve the worry and stress on all sides.

Domiciliary care could be for you

If you have someone who requires extra support that you can’t supply, then home care may be the solution. It is possible to deliver services like this alongside the care you offer too. That can give everyone peace of mind because the patient shall have everything they require to continue living at home. They won’t have to move into a care home.

At Diamond Personal Assistants, we have experience working with people who have numerous conditions. These could be ones relating to age, cognitive, or physical limitations. We give them the support they need with domestic routines, daily tasks, and more. We commit ourselves to working alongside everyone to ensure they get the most out of our care.

So, if you require our domiciliary care service, please get in touch with us. We can explain how it works and how we adapt services to suit each client.