The difference between companion and personal/medical care

We are a care and support provider with employees that have over three decades of experience between them. Our people have the ability to help individuals with disabilities, specific needs because of their age, and whole families. Whatever the circumstances are, we will find a personal assistant that has the ability to help you.

With care, there are two particular types. Firstly, there is personal or medical care. The second is companion care. These two aren’t the same and come with their own distinct differences. To avoid any confusion, we will look at both in detail in this post.

Personal or medical care

Personal assistantIf you see someone talking about elderly care, they typically mean this kind. Usually, companies like us offer it on the local council’s behalf. It consists of services like supplying medication or measuring out. Other jobs include dressing, bathing, and helping individuals go to the bathroom.

Anyone offering support here must possess the right caring and medical qualifications. Saying that, not all types of service consist of help administering medication. There is a lot of flexibility.

Having a companion

Companion care isn’t medical in nature, nor is it intrusive. This variety of service can consist of pretty much anything that requires a little extra help.

For example, it can simply mean being there to talk with the person. Support workers can also go to the cinema with them or play games. In addition, they can take them to visit neighbours and friends. It could even be taking the dog out for a walk if they own one. This is common if the individual can’t walk too far.

Above is the basic idea behind companion care, but there is a lot more. It really comes down to what kind of help people need to live happily and comfortably.

Speak to us if you want a personal assistant to support you

At Diamond Care and Support, it is our belief that every client deserves dignity and respect. Thus, we see to it that they feel self-respect and self-worth. We enable them to do as much as they can on their own too. It is essential for them to keep their independence.

So, if you require a personal assistant, please contact us. We can discuss the kind of help we can offer and decide exactly what you need, whether it is personal or medical or just more on the companionship side.