The lesser-known help you get with domiciliary care

When people think about domiciliary care, for most it draws up thoughts of personal care like help taking medication. While this is a highly beneficial part of the service, it offers so much more. It is something many people use for extra help with work around the house. Some of these tasks aren’t as well known but are still incredibly helpful so that you don’t have to struggle.

Help Outside The Home

Care might mainly take place in the home but it can extend further than this. For example you can arrange for the extra support you need for an outing. It doesn’t matter if this is socialising, attending appointments, or another situation. With our service a PA can chaperone you so that you have the assistance you need.

Preparing Meals

Getting tasty and nutritious meals can be hard when you have trouble cooking. Luckily carers can help with this. They can support you in the kitchen if you want to keep cooking yourself or prepare meals for you.

You might want to take care of this yourself but need some extra help and this is perfectly fine. A carer can let you take charge so that you remain independent but with a helping hand so that you enjoy yourself and stay safe.

Grocery Shopping

You need to make sure that there is food in your home. This includes going out and getting it from the shop. Online shopping is not something everyone enjoys as you don’t get to look around and pick out things in the store yourself. Having someone to accompany you can be a big help.

Pet Care

Other commitments and a change in ability affect how you care for your pets. For example you may find you are no longer able to walk the family dog. A carer can assist with tasks like walking, feeding and even bathing pets. This will help ensure that your furry companion gets the love and attention they deserve.

Support With Housekeeping

Domiciliary careHousehold cleaning might not appear like a lot of work but it can build up quickly. A little support with this will keep your home clean. It can include things like washing dishes and emptying bins. Whatever it is, you won’t have struggle when there is someone there to lend a hand.

Diamond PA is a dedicated team. Each carer is a professional who helps us to provide our trustworthy services to the people who can benefit greatly from them. If you or someone you care about is in need of domiciliary care, get in contact with us. We can create a unique service that suits your needs.