What to do when you realise your parent needs care services

It is normal to worry about your parents becoming older and being less able to care for themselves. With the extra stress of the current global pandemic, this will become greater as you will be unable to visit as much. In order to get reassurance that your loved ones are safe and cared for, it can be incredibly worthwhile to use the services of a personal assistant.

To ensure your parents stay healthy and safe, there are some steps you will want to take. This will help make sure you handle the situation properly.

Think about what they need

Personal assistantIt is likely that you know your parents need caring for, but don’t know exactly what this entails. You should take a moment to assess what kind of help they would benefit from the most to support them with everyday living. You should think about things such as their safety, personal care, mobility, cognitive and physical health. Consider where they might require help.

With a personal assistant, you can arrange for as much or as little help as necessary. We take the time to discuss needs so we ensure people get the best care.


No-one wants to feel like they are not in control of their life. This is particularly important to remember with people who might already worry about not being as independent as they once were. So, when planning care, you need to make sure you involve your parents at each step.

Our aim is to help people stay as independent as possible when providing our services. This way they can continue to enjoy their life, just with a little extra help.

Hire a personal assistant

Many people want to be the one to provide their parents with care. However, you have to consider your own needs as well as what they require as it can be a lot of work. Taking on too much can result in you burning yourself out and being unable to offer the care loved ones deserve. It is best to ensure you put the right support in place.

With a personal assistant from Diamond PAs, there is no need to worry. We work with all kinds of people, including those with physical, cognitive, or age-related needs. Our expert staff will help put the right support in place. So, if you or someone you care about needs our services, reach out to us.